AMICS Module


Advanced Manufacturing and Inventory Control Software Work Order module are used to attach a bill of material, routing steps, process clear plans, pick material and receive finished goods.Add-On features like work order Pick and Receive , Material charge is included. Sample Reports includes work order receive, Material Shortage and more . Some of the screenshots are included below.

Work Order

  • Search easily and quickly both at the order level and BOM level
  • Add, Edit or Delete - All in one screen
  • Create this work order manually or from sales order
  • Copy existing order to new and edit
  • Attach bill of material, routing steps, drawings, process plans and more
  • Allocate material
  • Pick Material and receive finished goods
  • Run reports against this order -
  • Add unlimited notes and pull standard notes from part master
  • Work Order Pick

  • Material pick or material charge for work order from the same work order screen
  • Choose BOM line item and charge material - FIFO (top to bottom) or Random
  • Optionally, allow system to pick in FIFO manner for all items
  • Undo material charge at any time
  • Record Scrap on already charged material
  • Transaction log shows history of lot and serial numbers so you can easily trace
  • Multiple reports
  • Work Order Receive

  • Receive all completed quantity from a work order
  • Multiple options for the material consumed in work order
  • Receive multiple lots and enter batch or lot number or serial numbers
  • View received items and details on receipt from the work order screen
  • Transaction log on all transactions for trace-ability
  • Reports

  • Assembly work order report with BOM and routing steps
  • Search a work order and print reports for that PO
  • Work Order receiving, Picking Labels and bar coded reports
  • Work Order Pick List - summary and detail
  • Material shortage report per work order
  • Transaction log report for history transactions - serial and lot trace
  • Open order report - summary and detail sorted